Sierra Miles conjures a compelling narrative of duality, where the desire for intimate personal connection interlopes with the universal fear of vulnerability.

Growing up on a lake in south Jersey, Sierra now lives on a boat in LA. The freedom of water remains a steadfast muse, a deep connection stretching back to her childhood summers spent on boats with her family down the Jersey shore.

Her love for singing started at 6 years old. Committed as an artist from the start, Sierra soon began accompanying herself on piano and guitar at local bars and coffee houses surrounding her hometown of Medford Lakes, and had already started writing and releasing her own songs by the age of 13.

Now 22, Sierra’s songwriting catalogue continues to grow with more than 80 songs, many of which she has performed live at legendary venues from NYC’s Bitter End to Boulder’s Fox Theater to the Hotel Café and the Mint in LA.

A self-described control freak learning to be a free spirit, Sierra navigates her “shadow side” and the push and pull between her ”primal heart and perfectionist mind,” her songwriting fueled by the hope to someday reconcile contradicting desires for intimacy and self preservation.

She longs for love while grappling with “doubts like an avalanche” and her underlying “unconscious catastrophe”, a driving catalyst for her songwriting being her quest for the eternal answer to a question for all at the heart of the human condition: “What if I don’t live before I die?”

Sierra Miles embodies the constant human struggle between head and heart, methodical overthinking and raw instinctive being, and encourages us all to trust our instincts, shed the ego’s protective facade, and surrender to real connection.


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